Setting up a Charity

Setting Up a CharitySo, you’re interested in setting up a charity to help others? This is great news, however there are a number of strict legal criteria that must be met before you can proceed.

We can help you through the entire process from completing the application form, choosing the right governing documents, using the necessary legal wording for your charitable purposes and getting the best trustees to help you run your charity.

We can also help you set up charity bank accounts and other financial requirements,  which is essential when you start out. We are also experts in advising how the charity can benefit the public. This is a very technical aspect of charity law and we have the specialist knowledge to help you demonstrate how the public will benefit from your charitable works.

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Help and Advice on How to Set up a Charity

Every day we are contacted by people wanting to know how to set up a charity. Depending what type of charity you are running and how it is organised it is likely that you will need advice on some or all of the following areas before you set up a charity:

Grant Making Policies

These are obviously required if you charity is helping people by simply giving cash, or “grants”, to individuals or may be other charities. It is important that the trustees have a clear policy in how they select those people who will benefit.

Child Protection Policies and CRB checks

It is very important, and legally necessary, that trustees running charities that help children, or adults who are vulnerable, have the right checks in place for themselves and any employees or volunteers. For more information on this subject, please see the Charity Commission page on Protecting vulnerable groups including children.

Conflict of Interest Policies

Charities that may use land or property belonging to trustees (as is often the case with animal welfare charities for example) must ensure that they take the appropriate steps to avoid problems where it may be thought that the trustee is using their position to benefit for themselves. We can offer a policy or procedure that will ensure this does not happen and that will protect both the charity and the trustees themselves.

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Are you still wondering to yourself “How do I set up a charity?”. You might also be unsure if it’s worth setting up a small charity. If so then before you go any further, contact us to make sure you’re setting up a charity off on the right foot, it will help you make a real difference to the people you want to help

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