Running a Charity

running-a-charityRunning a charity can be very time consuming. We have experience of where charities can sometimes go wrong and common problems and issues charities face on a daily basis.

As well as specialising in formation and registration, our charity support services can help you with professional advice and guidance, allowing you to dedicate your time to carry out your charitable aims.

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Help and Advice on Running a Charity

Public Benefit Reporting

Every charity is legally obliged to report every year on how its works benefit the public. This is can be a very complicated issue as the legal requirements are very specific. We can advise you on what you need to report on how to do so, to ensure that the trustees are complying with their legal responsibilities in order to retain their status as a charity.

Annual Returns

Every charity has to submit an “annual return” to the Charity Commission, failure to do so means that the charity may possibly lose out on funding or lose credibility as it is an important part of running your charity properly.

Annual Accounts

Every charity has to complete some form of accounts on a yearly basis. The detail of these accounts depends upon how much money you have coming in. Charities with a small income need less detail, whilst large ones need a thorough full audit. We can advise what type of financial examination you require and can advise you of a suitable professional to carry out the process.

Trustees Training

It is important that your trustees know what they are responsible for as there are significant legal requirements put upon charity trustees. Failure to comply with those responsibilities may potentially result in legal difficulties for the charity and the trustees themselves. We can provide trustees training to suit all levels of responsibility and size of charity to ensure any difficulties do not arise.

Charity Commission and Other Legal Powers

Charity law is quite complex and needs to be strictly adhered to, failure to do so can result in the Charity Commission using its legal powers to address matters such as dealing with “breaches of trust”. We have great experience of the problems that charities can encounter and most importantly how to avoid such issues. We can advise you how to act transparently for the good of your charity and also help solve any problems you may encounter.

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