Registering a Charity

Registering a CharityIf you are considering registering a charity it’s important to remember The Charity Commission can only register organisations that do only charitable works. What is charitable is laid down in law and this can be complex.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of what can be a charity and what can’t. We can advise as to whether what you are doing or hope to do can be charitable or not, there by saving you time and effort, not to mention money.

Whether or not you have already set up a charity we can offer expert advice and guidance on the steps necessary for registering a charity.

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Help and Advice on Registering a Charity in the UK

In most circumstances, with our in-depth knowledge, we can ensure that the application you make will be able to achieve charitable status. We won’t waste your time if it is not possible, alternatively we will advise what activities you could do in order to become a charity.

We will ensure that we provide the Commission with all the necessary information and documentation at the time of application to avoid unhelpful delays wasting your time and which will allow you to get on with running your charity just as soon as you can.

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Charity Expert can provide you with professional help and guidance to ensure your charity gets the best possible start.

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