How to Register a Charity

How To Register a CharityIf you’re interested in how to register a charity it’s important to follow all the steps, in the correct order before submitting the application.

Once submitted it’s a much longer process to make changes and re-apply rather than spending the time getting it right first time.

The first step when looking at how to register as a charity is the application form.  This form needs to be completed and sent to the Charity Commission. The form collects information about what you are trying to do; who you are helping and how you are helping them. As well as this information relating to the trustees, the charity’s name, address and contact details needs to be provided. This can be a complicated process for people not used to completing such forms, particularly if not experienced or if English is not their first language.

We are hugely experienced in completing these forms and we can make the process as painless as possible for you, all you need to do is provide some answers to some simple questions we have then we can complete the application for you making it stress-free for you.

As well as completing the application form for the Charity Commission, you will also need to think about the financial side of things and how you register with HMRC.

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